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    1. Patented Technology
    2. Patented Technology6S compact waterway board features an ultra-simple design that enables the traditional water filter system with more than 80 components and more than 40 connection ports to be significantly simplified to approximately 20 components and 13 quick connection ports.
    1. Manufacturing
    2. ManufacturingThrough our constant effort on production process optimization, independent development, technology upgrading and management level improvement, we have a clear competitive advantage in the domestic and overseas markets regarding water filtration system manufacturing, particularly in quality management, on-time delivery and cost control.
    1. Quality Control
    2. Quality ControlAibote's old laboratory building was built in 2015, it has an area of 2,000 square meters and 35 units of cutting-edge testing equipment from domestic and international suppliers. Currently, we have a new lab building is under construction, which will be 5,000 square meters in floor area.