Zhejiang Aibote Environmental Technologies Inc. Zhejiang Aibote Environmental Technologies Inc.
Zhejiang Aibote Environmental Technologies Inc. Zhejiang Aibote Environmental Technologies Inc.
Water Filter System Expert
    1. 600GPD Alkaline RO System
    2. 600GPD Alkaline RO SystemAibote’s alkaline RO system is equipped with an IOT module that allows you to readily and remotely know on your smart phone the system’s filter life and what it is doing, for instance, filtering, flushing, resetting.
    1. Under Sink Ultra-filtration Water Filter System
    2. Under Sink Ultra-filtration Water Filter SystemCompared with a RO water filter system, the ultra-filtration water system keeps salutary minerals while keeping out contaminants and particles ranging from 0.01-0.1 micron, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and harmful heavy metal ions.
    1. Countertop Instant Hot RO System
    2. Countertop Instant Hot RO SystemThe three filters are integrated into one cartridge. The filter is able to keep out almost all pollutants and contaminants as small as 0.0001 micron, including bad odor, unusual color, bacteria, viruses and heavy metal ions.

6S compact waterway board features an ultra-simple design that enables the traditional water filter system with more than 80 components and more than 40 connection ports to be significantly simplified to approximately 20 components and 13 quick connection ports. Therefore, the internal structure of the water filtration system has been drastically simplified, and smaller in size.

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  • Non-return valveNon-return valve
  • High pressure switchHigh pressure switch
  • Drain water solenoid valveDrain water solenoid valve
  • Feed water solenoid valveFeed water solenoid valve
RO Water Filtration System
Waterway board
High efficiency connection

Aibote works intimately with you through every critical step of pre-stage market research, design, prototyping, to tooling, manufacturing and delivery. With an experienced team incorporating designers, technical engineers and QC specialists who have long been engaged in their fields, you will be amazed and confident in Aibote as your long-term partner who will constantly support you with valuable benefits.

World-Class Manufacturing Capacity
  • Six Sigma process controls
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, NSF, CE, CCC certified
  • Dust-free workshop and anti-UV ISO-temperature warehouse
  • Injection molding, robotic molding, ultrasonic welding, and automatic assembly lines
  • Reverse osmosis membrane production
  • 320,000-square feet new plant opened in 2021, with 10,000-square feet R&D and QC labs

Aibote is a water filtration system manufacturer at the location known as water filter industry center in China – Cixi City, a county-level city in Zhejiang Province. In August 2005, the company started its water filtration products development and production. Building on nearly 20 years of experience and close working with our global customers, along with having a meticulous understanding of the water treatment industry and water filter products, we are today trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of reverse osmosis water filter system and ultra-filtration drinking water systems as well as water filter accessories, with a respectable industrial achievement.

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